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This is the first time I am using CLLocationManager. I am not sure if i am doing the right thing. Correct me if i am wrong.

I initialize the locationManager in my viewDidLoad Method and tell the locationManager to startUpdatingLocation in the same method.

When the delegate receives

-(void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didUpdateToLocation:(CLLocation *)newLocation fromLocation:(CLLocation *)oldLocation{

    [locationManager stopUpdatingLocation];
    //do stuff with the coordinates

to avoid repeated calls to this delegate method.

I have a UIButton where users can click to update the location

//called by user action
    //start updating delegate
    [locationManager startUpdatingLocation];    

However when the location changes and when I click the UIbutton, the location coordinates donot change at all. :(

What am i doing wrong? Is this the right of doing or should i not stop the locationManager at all ?

Help would be appreciated.

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For future reference: Apple's sample code shows how best to do this by calling the delegate multiple times and checking your desired accuracy against the returned location's accuracy: developer.apple.com/library/ios/#samplecode/LocateMe/… –  iWasRobbed Jan 24 '13 at 16:51

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CLLocationManager caches your last location and returns it as soon as you call -startUpdatingLocation. So, you are starting updates, receiving the old location, and then stopping updates.

This isn't how -startUpdatingLocation/-stopUpdatingLocation are meant to be used. As I asked above, what's wrong with calling the delegate method multiple times? If you only want to get the location when the user taps a button, leave the CLLocationManager updating, and just check CLLocationManger's location property when the user taps your button.

If the reason you're trying to avoid multiple calls to the delegate method is because you're worried about power consumption, etc., adjust the desiredAccuracy property of the CLLocationManager with something like: locationManager.desiredAccuracy = kCLLocationAccuracyHundredMeters.

All told, it might look something like this...

.h file:

@interface YourController : NSObject <CLLocationManagerDelegate>

@property (nonatomic, retain) CLLocationManager *locationMgr;
@property (nonatomic, retain) CLLocation *lastLocation;

- (IBAction)getNewLocation:(id)sender;


.m file:

@interface YourController

@synthesize locationMgr = _locationMgr;
@synthesize lastLocation = _lastLocation;

- (id)init
    if (self = [super init]) {
        self.locationMgr = [[CLLocationManager alloc] init];
        self.locationMgr.desiredAccuracy = kCLLocationAccuracyBest;
        self.locationMgr.delegate = self;
    return self;

- (void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager 
    didUpdateToLocation:(CLLocation *)newLocation 
           fromLocation:(CLLocation *)oldLocation
    if (!self.lastLocation) {
        self.lastLocation = newLocation;        

    if (newLocation.coordinate.latitude != self.lastLocation.coordinate.latitude &&
        newLocation.coordinate.longitude != self.lastLocation.coordinate.longitude) {        
        self.lastLocation = newLocation;
        NSLog(@"New location: %f, %f",
        [self.locationMgr stopUpdatingLocation];

- (IBAction)getNewLocation:(id)sender
    [self.locationMgr startUpdatingLocation];
    NSLog(@"Old location: %f, %f", 

- (void)dealloc
    [self.locationMgr release];
    self.locationMgr = nil;
    [self.lastLocation release];
    self.lastLocation = nil;
    [super dealloc];

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thanks. So, if i remove stopUpdatingLocation and by that the application will automatically update the location and also when the user taps the button.Am i right ? –  Neelesh Aug 8 '11 at 13:02
No, the application will automatically start updating the location. I'll edit my answer to show this more clearly... –  GarlicFries Aug 8 '11 at 13:04
but i want user also start the location updates.. –  Neelesh Aug 8 '11 at 13:05
sry i don see any updates :( –  Neelesh Aug 8 '11 at 13:10
And do you want them to also be able to stop location updates? –  GarlicFries Aug 8 '11 at 13:10

Am assuming you have included #import <CoreLocation/CoreLocation.h> framework to being with. This is the way you start getting location updates.

CLLocationManager *locationMgr = [[CLLocationManager alloc] init];
locationMgr.desiredAccuracy = kCLLocationAccuracyBest;
locationMgr.delegate = self;

[locationMgr startUpdatingLocation];

You are correct here. After this you start getting location updates, here in this delegate-

-(void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager
   didUpdateToLocation:(CLLocation *)newLocation
   fromLocation:(CLLocation *)oldLocation
    // Handle location updates

-(void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didFailWithError:(NSError *)error
    // Handle error
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