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I am using the TeXlipse-Plugin for the first time.

There is a Todo/Task-Support as you can see in the Manual.

But if i do a comment like '%TODO: Do something' in my file, the task is not shown in the task-view of Eclipse.

Do i have to activate the todo-support somewhere?

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ok, thanks to all of you. Don´t know why, but after going to General/Editors/Structured Text Editors/Task tags and clicked apply, everything works as expected. –  Lodger Aug 8 '11 at 15:25

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It works for me with % TODO test. I would check for the following things in your case:

  • Check whether the corresponding annotation is displayed to the left (next to the line number) - it looks like the icon of the task view. If not (and be sure, that there is no other annotation - e.g. a warning - because it can hide the task annotation), then the annotation is not created, and then I would follow Robs answer to define your own todo tag in Preferences on the General/Editors/Structured Text Editors/Task tags

  • Check the settings of the Tasks view - open the view menu (small triangle at the upper right corner), and choose configure contents. There try to validate the displayed task tags. I attach a screenshot that sets the TODO tags to be displayed only on the current project.

My content settings that display the task tags only from the current project

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The manual at the link states "In the Eclipse Java Editor, it is possible to place TODO, FIXME and XXX keywords in comments, [...]", so it's not actually promised by TeXlipse.

Anyways, I'd try % //TODO .., maybe it's just supported that way.

If that won't work for you, try defining your own todo-tag under "window" -> "preferences" -> search: "todo"


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