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I'm trying to use this tutorial in my project to display listview with json array:

Here is a and

This is my json:


I have problem with write LocationModel for this json string.

How can i get elements from "active" and "completed"?

Thanks for help.


Thanks for good advie MByD ;) Unfortunately i still don't know how to use it.

In this code i get a "Data" elements from json.

I'm inside data object: {"data":{ . Next i want to get elements from "active"... how should i use your advice ? What next? Is it correct?

private List<LocationModel> data;
public List<LocationModel> getQuests() {

    return data;
public void setLocationList(List<LocationModel> data) { = data;
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The classes structure should be something like this (according to the structure of your Json string) you should add getters and setters as I did not include them:

class MyClass {
    Data data;
    Integer returnCode;
    Integer returnCodeDescription;

class Data {
    String totalRequests;
    Status[] active;
    Status[] completed;

class Status {
    String id;
    String name;
    String description;
    String textWhenCompleted;

To parse it:

MyClass class = new Gson().fromJson(yourJsonString, MyClass.class);
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You can try a class generator tool .

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