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So I have a HTTP connection class, it opens a URL and returns the contents from that page.

It works absolutely fine on website URLs for example http://www.google.com

However I need to use a URL which is a server e.g http://[server]/[records]

there is no .com or anything like that in the URL.

When I try and connect to the server URL i just get a null pointer exception in the debug messages.

Do i have to format the server URL? I read somewhere that people were concatenating the the URL with a port number or something like that

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Is this running on the simultor or actual device? –  Richard Aug 8 '11 at 16:14

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Edit "hosts" file on your computer and specify ip-address for the "non-standard" host-name you are using.

For instance: myserver

Use TAB between ip-address and host name.

and after that you may use http://myserver address

hosts file can be found at: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc

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I am making a networking post on my blog this week, however I've got what should help you here. I have not finished commenting it or anything but I hope this helps. One usage example is below.

//Other networking stuff I can add here if you need it
//connDesc is a ConnectionDescriptor 
int transportType = connDesc.getTransportDescriptor().getTransportType();
String encodedAddress = URLFactory.EncodeUrl(transportType, _address);  
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