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I'm working on a Safari Extension with a dynamic Extension Menu.

I am trying to place an icon by each dynamic entry in the menu.

When I reference an image on a server:

var menuItem ="bb"+i, i+" - "+itemTitle);
menuItem.image = '';

the image appears by each menu item, however, when I try to use an image in my extension:

var menuItem ="bb"+i, i+" - "+itemTitle);
menuItem.image = 'menu.png';

the image won't show.

What's going wrong here - the code is in mu global.html file, and the image is in the same location as the global.html file?

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Well, I found the answer so here it is for anyone else with the wanting to know:

var menuItem ="bb"+i, i+" - "+itemTitle);
menuItem.image = safari.extension.baseURI+'menu.png';
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