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How do you access the Application Icon path in MS Access 2003 programmatically?

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It's a custom property ("AppIcon") of the database object.

Set dbs = CurrentDb
sAppIconPath = dbs.Properties("AppIcon")

Note - you will get an error if the property doesn;t exist.

This code from the Access Help shows how to create the property:


The following example shows how to change the AppIcon and AppTitle properties in a Microsoft Access database (.mdb). If the properties haven't already been set or created, you must create them and append them to the Properties collection by using the CreateProperty method.

Sub cmdAddProp_Click()
    Dim intX As Integer
    Const DB_Text As Long = 10
    intX = AddAppProperty("AppTitle", DB_Text, "My Custom Application")
    intX = AddAppProperty("AppIcon", DB_Text, "C:\Windows\Cars.bmp")
    CurrentDb.Properties("UseAppIconForFrmRpt") = 1
End Sub

Function AddAppProperty(strName As String, _
        varType As Variant, varValue As Variant) As Integer
    Dim dbs As Object, prp As Variant
    Const conPropNotFoundError = 3270

    Set dbs = CurrentDb
    On Error GoTo AddProp_Err
    dbs.Properties(strName) = varValue
    AddAppProperty = True

    Exit Function

    If Err = conPropNotFoundError Then
        Set prp = dbs.CreateProperty(strName, varType, varValue)
        dbs.Properties.Append prp
        AddAppProperty = False
        Resume AddProp_Bye
    End If
End Function
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