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I am developing an extension for google chrome.

I open a little popup window where I want to provide a service, but if the user is not logged into twitter, he has to click on a button where a new window will open with the url..

After he loggs into twitter, the will redirect to another page and then it has to close itself, and right behind that I want to refresh my popup window so that my service will be open.

it is possible to inject with the manifst.json from my extension a .js file into the page where I can maybe catch the login and then close the window with JS. But I'm not sure how I can see if he is logged in..

You can see a working solution with the popup in the shareoholic twitter extension.. maybe someone is using it.

Thanks and Regards Martin

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I think the proper way of doing this would be implementing OAuth authorization process in your extension. See this tutorial. Twitter OAuth implementation is described here.

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Thanks for your answer, I already have the login process working, what I want is to open the login process in another window, and after the user logges into twitter, the window has to be closed and the mainwindow refreshed – Martin Aug 9 '11 at 9:22

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