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I want to generate some statistics from my CVS database! E.g how many files are currently versioned in CVS, rate of change of each file, %age of changes made to the each file for each commit.. etc . IF anyone is aware of such a modile, or a procedure to do the same, kindly help!

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I don't know of anything specific, but CVS stores (almost) everything as *,v files in a directory tree. Running rlog (part of RCS) on each of those *,v files should give you the information you need. (You might want to use the -z option to control how timestamps are formatted.)

Collecting that information into something useful is a different matter. (I'd write a Perl script myself.)

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The StatCVS project generates statistics from a CVS Repository

You can also use the CVS history command to list all commits by all users, import this into a relational database, and use SQL statements to analyze the changes (this is a lot of manual work though). Use a command like:

    cvs history -c -a > cvs-history.txt
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