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how to use copy statement in postgresql to load data from a text file where the file has an escape character as a delimiter into a postgresql table?

Is there any otherway of loading data from textfile into a PostgreSQL table?

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pg loader emulates oracles sql loader:

pg bulkload is used to load lots of data in an otherwise offline db. Useful for large data warehouses, fast, and somewhat dangerous and quirky:

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You should use COPY with the DELIMITER 'xx' option. You probably need to play around a little bit to get it right, but the docs give a pretty good information about what to do with each option available to the command.

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the postgresql document doesn't list the valid delimiters. But in my case i have to use vertical tab or escape character as the delimiter. But i tried to use these two characters but postgresql is giving error saying ^v (which is a vertical tab ) is not a single byte character. Can anybody suggest how to overcome this? i Have to use escape or vertical tab as a delimiter at any cost. – vchitta Aug 10 '11 at 16:25

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