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I am trying to define xml mapping for a Map<String,String> field.

The entity class cannot be modified so I am using the XML variant of JPA mapping, but cannot figure out the proper syntax.

Can someone explain how to write the JPA xml for this case - or explicitly state that this is impossible with xml but possible with annotations as mentioned in Storing a Map<String,String> using JPA ...

I will even appreciate to know that this is impossible - ideally when it comes with reference to the part of specification that states it.

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These primitive relations have been added in JPA2 so you have to use a JPA2 imeplementation. I use Eclipselink. The keyword is "ElementCollection". It seems this has allready been discussed here: Storing a Map<String,String> using JPA

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Argh.. Sorry for that posting .. you said with xml configuration. So I guess simple EclipseLink is out of the question. But having a look at the hibernate documentation tells me it should be possible too ...… – Christofer Dutz Aug 9 '11 at 14:58

You haven't specified which JPA implementation you're using, but I think this should work for both OpenJPA and Hibernate... See here:

The difficulty you'll run into is that you're mapping to a primitive type instead of an entity type. I won't say it's impossible, but I will say from experience that it's painful.

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thanks... ideally, I wish the solution is independent of implementation - otherwise I could just use Hibernate mapping which supports this easily... Unfortunately, your link shows an example with entity type value. Still, I would like to see how painful it is; perhaps it makes me decide that this direction is wrong, and creating intermediate entity wrappers is easier. According to this answer, it is perhaps possible with annotations; so I assumed that xml syntax allows it, too. – Petr Kozelka Aug 8 '11 at 20:39
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After more time and searching for different things I happened to find the answer here:

The solution is:

<element-collection name="quotes">
  <column name="QUOTE"/>
  <map-key-column name="Q_DATE"/>
  <collection-table name="EBC_QUOTES">
    <join-column name="EBC_ID"/>
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