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JavaMail, for those who dont know.

Anyway, is there an equivalent to this in C#/.Net? I need to access my Gmail account for testing purposes, but using a regular automation tool would be too hard.

I need to be able to read and parse GMail. Similar to what this article is doing in Java:

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If you are looking to download / parse messages (rather than just send them, which is provided in System.Net.Mail as others have said) you can look at this free option:

There are paid options as well, such as Aspose.Network for .NET:

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Even though I wont up using a different product, this post helped point me into the right direction. Ultimately I needed something to download and parse. It was my fault for not specifying that in the OP – James Aug 15 '11 at 16:35

Have a look at System.Net.Mail

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This is available. I didn't see where you listed what features of JavaMail you needed, but this is one mail option.

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The nuget package AE.Net.Mail is an analog or equivalent to JavaMail for reading/parsing email in the RFC 2822 format. I used it with the Gmail API to get the "Raw" property that the Gmail API wants. See the code here for a code sample: Creating a Message for Gmail API in C#

The library's project:

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