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I have the System.Web.Helpers.dll and .xml files in the Bin folder of my website solution, but VS 2010 complains about "The name 'FileUpload' does not exists in the current context" event though I use @using System.Web.Helpers;

@using System.Web.Helpers;
       initialNumberOfFiles: 1,
       allowMoreFilesToBeAdded: false,
       includeFormTag: false,
       uploadText: "Upload"

What is wrong here ?

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FileUpload is not in System.Web.Helpers. It is in Microsoft.Web.Helpers, which you can get from the Package Manager. Look for ASP.NET Web Helpers Library.


Right click on the project and choose Add Library Package Reference, or use the Package Manager Console and type

Install-Package microsoft-web-helpers

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Watch out... if your using mcv3 make sure you install microsoft-web-helper 1.15, if you dont specify version in package manager it will automatically install version 2.0 and mess everything up as only mvc4 is compatible with 2.0.


Install-Package microsoft-web-helpers -Version 1.15
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just go to packages.config in your project and remove package id="Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Helpers.Mvc" version="2.0.20710.0" targetFramework="net40"

clean your project

later install nuGet Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Helpers.Mvc

that's it

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