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I am trying to build a function in php where it takes the user input date, which can be any date within pretty much the last 20 years. i tried to use the getdate() function in php to return to them the day of the week. here is what I have that isn't working.

$date="8/4/2010";//user input
echo $dateget; // i want an output like "monday" or "saturday" 

when i run this code i get this error

A non well formed numeric value encountered (on the $dateget=getdate($date) line)


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You need a timestamp for getdate function. So maybe strtotime function can help.

$date="8/4/2010";//user input
echo $dateget['weekday'];
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ok i was able to get wday from that so that will work. thanks!!! –  chris Aug 8 '11 at 17:08

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