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I can add an attribute on a test to ignore it

[Ignore("Foo Bar")]

Is there anyway to ignore all tests in a file (at the TestFixture level) ?

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Simply don't apply the TextFixture attribute on the class.

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By not applying the attribute you're ignoring the fact that there are test methods within this class that aren't being tested for a reason. You should use [TestFixture, Ignore("reason")] to supply the output of the test results with a reason why they're ignored. Deleting/removing it is obfuscating the reason altogether when it probably makes sense to convey this to other developers. –  Chris Missal Aug 4 '09 at 5:49
+1 @Chris...Ignore attribute conveys purpose much more clearly. –  karlgrz Jun 16 '10 at 17:54
[TestFixture, Ignore("reason")]
public class YourTestFixture { }

Or if you prefer to break your attributes out to one per line:

public class YourTestFixture { }
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@leora, this is the CORRECT answer... should be accepted. –  Chase Florell Sep 14 '14 at 20:56

As suggested, the [Explicit] attribute works well. You can also simply place the [Ignore()] attribute under the [TestFixture] attribute, as shown in the documentation:


Use [Ignore()] if you want the test to be flagged as ignored (and therefore you get the yellow bar if all other tests pass). Use [Explicit] if you want the test to be completely discounted (and therefore you get the green bar if all other tests pass).

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You can make the whole TestFixture "on-demand" by using the [Explicit] attribute. Then it's there when you want it, but only when you explicitly click on it.

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Removing the [TestFixture] attribute from the class seems like it would work.

Edit: This answer became wrong starting with NUnit 2.5 when the [TestFixture] attribute became optional for non-parameterized non-generic fixtures. See here for more.

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