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I am trying to make make a task list for one of my projects. The project is in a git repository and I work on it from various different computers. What I want is to store all my tasks in my git repo, so that wherever I use Eclipse, I can see my tasks.

The Mylyn task list doesn't seem to offer a seamless solution to read and write my tasks in my git repo. Have you got any suggestions?

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You can change the path where Mylyn saves its files to something inside your workspace. Then you should be able to manage the files with git just like everything else. I don't know about the multi user support of this approach though.

Mylyn preferences

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git can track only files so you need to import/export your tasks and store it in file in your repo.

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So doing export and imports each the time I make a change is as good as it gets? –  Ben Ruijl Aug 8 '11 at 19:27

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