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in my app i have three activities named as Home, SignIn and Add Page.

In my home Screen i have declared the Shared preference as follows

   Idprefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this);
   int UserId = Idprefs.getInt("useridValue", 0);

If UserId ==0 i goes to SignIn Activity or else to AddPage

In my SignIn Activity the user has to enter the name and password, from the server i get back an id in an xml file, which i am parsing and storing it the shared preference.

To use this value in other activities i have declared it as follows

public static SharedPreferences Idprefs;

in my oncreate method i have this

Idprefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(this);

from my parsed values i am storing in Shared preference

SharedPreferences.Editor editor = Idprefs.edit();
editor.putInt("useridValue", userid);

In my third Activity i have the following

int User = SignIn.Idprefs.getInt("useridValue",0);

here i am using the User value for other purposes.

Now the problem is all the above said functions work proper for the first time when the app i launched ie it will go as

HomeScreen--> SignIn --> AddPage

But when the app closed and opened for the second time the flow is as follows

HomeScreen --> AddPage

Now the app is getting crashed and i logcat it refers to the following line in AddPage Activity

 int User = SignIn.Idprefs.getInt("useridValue",0);

Second time SignIn page is not called so that it gets crashed. How can i get the stored value in other activities, pleas help me

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Well can you paste the DDMS logs? –  pandre Aug 8 '11 at 17:16
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You access the preferences through a class that was not instantiated (SignIn):

int User = SignIn.Idprefs.getInt("useridValue",0);

And therefore it's probably NULL.

It's a bad practice to access class members (especially when context is involved) this way. Just instantiate them each time in your current activity.

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Are you accessing shared preferences after the super.onCreate() call in your activity? Otherwise, this will throw errors and cause the application to malfunction.

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