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I am trying to populate a dataTable via a list. Essentially my app, submits a search parameter and I can access the search results like so:

resultsToRender = resultsBean.getResults();

And then I am creating my list like so:

setSearchItems(new ArrayList<SelectItem>());    
for( Result result : resultsBean.getResults() )
               String item= result.getEntity().get( "content.item-name" );

               searchItems.add(new searchItems(item));

Whilst my data table seems to pick up the correct number of rows according to the search parameters I am not entirely sure how to setup my list so that I can displays the row specific data, at the moment every row in my dataTable simply displays the information of the last item in my list.


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at the moment every row in my dataTable simply displays the information of the last item in my list.

That can happen when either the entity property of result is static, or that searchItems constructor assigns the item to a static property.

Those properties should not be static. Remove that modifier.

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My problem is that I dont know how to provide an explicitly reference for each row. Using the above example I use this to set the table data: "h:dataTable var="searchItems" value="#{searchBean.searchItems}" but I cannot get my IDE to recognise: <h:outputText value="#{searchItems.item}" /> I get a property error. I am obviously not setting up my list properly or referencing it wrong. Is there a resource somewhere that shows how to populate a list via a list? Thx for the help! –  Ally Aug 9 '11 at 8:34
Git it working via your excellent blog, for anyone whose interested: balusc.blogspot.com/2006/06/using-datatables.html –  Ally Aug 10 '11 at 12:20

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