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Im trying to create a scrollPanel that holds a list of checkbox item. My main problem is constructing a CellList with CheckboxCell. Here is a snippet of whats causing the compile time error.

CheckboxCell testCheckBox = new CheckboxCell();

CellList<String> cellList = new CellList<String>(testCheckBox);

Error Message: The constructor CellList(CheckboxCell) is undefined.

If this is the wrong constructor, what is the correct way?

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Try changing the type of CellList to Boolean.

CheckboxCell testCheckBox = new CheckboxCell();
CellList<Boolean> cellList = new CellList<Boolean>(testCheckBox);


More examples on various cells (this is combined checkbox + picture, but you might want to replace picture with text):


It's little trickier, but this showcase contains also sources so might want to dive into them.

PS: Lazier solution is not to use Cell Widgets and make own (extends Composite) combo/label and place it in say FlexTable :)

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Thanks, that helps. However how would you associate text with the checkbox or vice versa. Since you cannot use setRowData(), or else I am missing somthing. –  help Aug 8 '11 at 19:42
@help please see my update –  Xorty Aug 8 '11 at 20:06

You can try something like that. You are going to need some extra native code to handle the "check" event.

public class StyleCell extends AbstractCell<Style> {
public void render(Context context, Style row, SafeHtmlBuilder sb) {
    if (row == null) {
    sb.appendHtmlConstant("<INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME='property'>" + row.getProperty() + "</INPUT>");


StyleCell styleCell = new StyleCell();
CellList<Style> styleList = new CellList<Style>(styleCell);
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