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I’ve got a problem with postsharp on my hudson CI server. Whenever I try to sign a dll with specific version an error occurs. (Hudson is using MSBuild from cmd to build this project , building it as x86) :

POSTSHARP : postsharp error PS0099: Unhandled exception (, 32 bit, CLR 4.0, Release): PostSharp.Sdk.CodeModel.AssemblyLoadException: Error while loading the assembly " MyProject.general, version=1.0.5378.169 , culture=neutral, publickeytoken=4c1c78190569e723": Cannot find an assembly named MyProject.General, Version=1.0.5378.169, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=4c1c78190569e723'. [C:\HudsonHome\jobs\test\workspace\WCF\MyProject\ MyProject.project.WCF.Service.csproj]

(Bold text is the current version)

Also all csproj files are altered, adding a before build action that will replace old version to actual.

<Target Name="BeforeBuild"> <FileUpdate Condition="'$(CCNetLabel)' != ''" Files="Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs" Regex=" (\d+)[.](\d+)[.](\d+)[.](\d+)" ReplacementText="$(CCNetLabel)" /> </Target>

CCNetLabel is an environmental variable that Hudson changed every time before build. I understand that post sharp is looking for a dll of current version but it doesn’t exist. And I’m not sure why, on my project old CI server everything works fine. I would be grateful for any pointers on this matter

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Have you checked the permissions/ACLs of your services against the directories that Postsharp needs access to? Just a thought since it sounds like you have moved to a new server. All things being equal that's at the top of my list. –  Adam Caviness Apr 8 at 4:33
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Maybe this will help ... Let me know

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could you inline anything relevant from that page? –  Michael Paulukonis Oct 18 '12 at 15:01
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