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To play an audio clip inserted as a shape across multiple slides in a presentation, there is an option in the Play Sound dialog in the Effect tab called Stop playing and this can be set to After __ slides.

I've browsed the object model and even attempted recording a macro using ppt 2003 (the option does not record). How (if it can) can this option be set via VBA?

Stop Playing After __ slides option

The way I'm currently adding a sound (that stops after the slides are advanced) is:

Dim oSlide As Slide
Dim oShp As Shape
Dim oEffect As Effect

Set oSlide = ActivePresentation.Slides(2)

Set oShp = oSlide.Shapes.AddMediaObject("C:\MyAudioClip.wav", True, False, 10, 10)

Set oEffect = oSlide.TimeLine.MainSequence.AddEffect(oShp, msoAnimEffectMediaPlay, , msoAnimTriggerWithPrevious)
oEffect.MoveTo 1
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Try this instead:

Dim oSlide As Slide
Dim oShp As Shape
Dim oEffect As Effect

Set oSlide = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

Set oShp = oSlide.Shapes.AddMediaObject("p:\testfile\media\minivincent.wav", True, False, 10, 10)

With oShp.AnimationSettings.PlaySettings
    .PlayOnEntry = True
    .PauseAnimation = False
    .StopAfterSlides = 19
End With
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