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I'm trying to create a coupon/voucher in pdf form.

I have a PDF file with placeholders in it, like {first}, {last}, {date} etc.. All I want to do is replace the placeholders with the content.

I expect that I'll need to replace the correct number of bytes in the string, maybe a little like hex editing.

All I need to do is work out how to decompress the stuff in the pdf, replace text in it and then compress it back up again. So that's the real question.

I've tried other methods like domPDF to make the pdf from an html string but everything comes out all messed up, so I figured this will make it easier.

Thanks if anyone can help me,


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Is it possible to maybe do it the other way around? Like instead of opening an already existing PDF and replacing placeholders in it, use plain text or HTML containing the placeholders (and replace them more easily) and write this to a new PDF? – Mike Aug 8 '11 at 18:49
@Mike Yeah that's what I tried with domPDF, but when I convert the html to a pdf, everything gets messed up. – Drahcir Aug 8 '11 at 21:02
Sorry, I must have misread what you said. For some reason I thought you were extracting the HTML from the PDF somehow. – Mike Aug 8 '11 at 21:55

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A PDF can be just a chunk of plaintext postscript code. Without compression, you might be able to load up the raw content and do simple string replacements. But be careful that your placeholders aren't used elsewhere as part of the postscript code.

A more robust system would use something like PDFlib's blocks templating system, which makes inserting text/images into pre-made templates trivial. The downside is that a pdflib license is fairly expensive.

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Document flow be damned, this is what I want too. Any hints on how to decompress this PDF? – Full Decent Apr 10 '13 at 15:19

There are libraries for creating PDF's, but to my knowledge there are no libraries to edit PDF's. The PDF file format is basically quite simple, but on the other hand quite complex due the the many possibilities. The format defines containers of data that each have their own header. To keep the file size small, compression is applied to the containes (LZW, I believe), but after decompressing the file, you're not done yet. Each container specifies its length, so you cannot just replace text in the file without corrupting it.

You could try to create a library to do this for you, but I wish you good luck since the PDF file format description (that can be downloaded from is well over 1200 pages.

Another options would be to use a library that can create PDFs and design the templates from code.

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May I suggest using LiveDocx to do this? It's free for light usage:

Basically, you create a template using Microsoft Word, and using PHP you fill in the template items. The template plus data is sent to the LiveDocx server, and you get back the PDF.

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