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I have two Lists of vector2: Position and Floor and I'm trying to do this: if a Position is the same as a Floor then delete the position from the List.

Here is what I thought would work but it doesn't:

    public void GenerateFloor()

        //I didn't past all, the code add vectors to the floor List, etc.
        block.Floor.Add(new Vector2(block.Texture.Width, block.Texture.Height) + RoomLocation);

        // And here is the way I thought to delete the positions:

    private bool FloorSafe(Vector2 x)
        foreach (Vector2 j in block.Floor)
            return x == j;

        for (int n = 0; n < block.Floor.Count; n++)
            return x == block.Floor[n];


I know this is not the good way, so how can I wright it? I need to delete all the Positions Vector2 that are the same As any of the Floors Vector2.

=============================================================================== EDIT: It works! For people searching how to do it, here is my final code of the answer of Hexxagonal:

public void FloorSafe()
        //Gets all the Vectors that are not equal to the Positions List.
        IEnumerable<Vector2> ReversedResult = block.Positions.Except(block.Floor);

        //Gets all the Vectors that are not equal to the result..
        //(the ones that are equal to the Positions).
        IEnumerable<Vector2> Result = block.Positions.Except(ReversedResult);

        foreach (Vector2 Positions in Result.ToList())
            block.Positions.Remove(Positions); //Remove all the vectors from the List.
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You could do a LINQ except. This will remove everything from the Positions collection that is not in the Floor collections.

result = block.Positions.Except(block.Floor)
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Sweet, It works! I have some junk that hasn't been deleted but I'll find out how to do the rest, thanks! –  Nairda Aug 8 '11 at 20:11

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