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While trying to write a simple file to the applications file directory with phonegap-1.0.0 I get an error with code 5 - NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERR. The method where I get the directory is like this:

function gotFS(fileSystem) {
        fileSystem.root.getFile('file:///data/data/package.name/files/ff.txt', null, gotFileEntry, fail);

As far as I know, the files directory should be writable by the application, and writing to it with a BufferedWriter was successfull. I tried only leaving file name, without file:/// and data/data/package.name/. I tried many different versions of Phonegap and many methods only to read/write a file and seems like nothing works. Any hint would be appreciated.

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The "files directory" should be writeable, but that isn't necessarily it:

  • Android could decide to place application storage under a path other than /data/data/package

  • The installed name of the apk can be different, for example it can have a numeric suffix

  • There may not (yet) be a directory called files/ within the application storage

You should use the Android API function getFilesDir() or getDir() to get a directory where you are allowed to write from that particular installation on that particular device. Presumably phonegap provides you some means of obtaining the result of one of those functions.

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You shouldn't hardcode the path like this. Use getFilesDir() or getDir() functions to get the path instead.

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