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I am making a call to a controller action in javascript using the getJson method. I need to pass two parameters to my action method on the controller, but I am struggling to do so. I do not fully understand the routing tables and not sure if this is what I need to use to get this working. Please see example below of what I am trying to do.

var action = "<%=Url.Content('~/Postcode/GetAddressResults/')%>" + $get("Premise").value + "/" + $get("SearchPostcode").value
        $.getJSON(action, null, function(data) {

This is my route which I don't understand how to make use of...

                new { controller = "Motor", action = "GetAddressResults", premise = "", postcode = "" });
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You're definitely on the right path, though I would need to see your controller to know for sure. It would need to look something like this:

public ActionResult GetAddressResults(string premise, string postcode)
  //Do something.
  return Json(AddressService.GetResultsOfSomeKind(premise, postcode);

Set a breakpoint on your ActionResult so you know it's being called. If it's not, use Firefox and check the Error Console for syntax errors (the code you posted has some).


What is


To get an input's value via jQuery, use:


I recommend using the Firebug plugin for Firefox. That way you'll know exactly at which point your javascript is breaking. Most likely you'll find that your "var action =" statement is not properly appending the form field values on the client side before the $.getJSON call sends a request to your controller.

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