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Hey guys i made a login system for my website and now when i try log in it says

Deprecated: Function session_register() is deprecated in /home/nzcraftn/public_html/admin/login/index.php on line 16

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/nzcraftn/public_html/admin/login/index.php:16) in /home/nzcraftn/public_html/admin/login/index.php on line 17

What does that mean??

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Do not use session_register(), as it has been deprecated. Instead, initiate a session with

// Store values in the  $_SESSION superglobal
$_SESSION['logged_in'] = TRUE;

The "headers already sent" error indicates that you have output prior to calling session_register(), even if it is only whitespace. You cannot have any output before a header-modifying function like session_start(), setcookie(), or header()

If you have not intentionally done any output before the session_register() call (which you should replace with code like above), make sure there is no empty space before the opening <?php, including in any file include()'ed by the offending file.

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It means you shouldn't use session_register() anymore, as the function will be going away soon.

Use this tutorial to use sessions the correct way: http://www.tizag.com/phpT/phpsessions.php

The second warning about modifying header information is likely because part of your code was trying to set a header, but because an error was already sent to the output, it can no longer do so. HTTP servers always send headers before the content.

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Thanks, sorted it out and it works again :) –  Duncan Palmer Aug 8 '11 at 19:38

That you should now longer use session_register(); cf session_register(). Use the superglobal $_SESSION-array instead

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You are getting a warning before sending headers that is outputting text. The warning is because of a deprecated function call. You can either 1) turn off warning messages 2) use something besides session_register to avoid the error in the first place.

Deprecated means "no longer in use" . Usually it means it has been replaced with something else.

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You have to start a session before you have some output (echo, print or something). And you should use the $_SESSION array instead of session_register (which is deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore).

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Why are people downvoting correct answers? –  Sebastian vom Meer Sep 4 '11 at 15:05

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