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I am trying to create an AMIBundle following these instructions, but am running into an error. When I get to

ec2-bundle-vol -d /mnt -k /mnt/pk-XXX.pem -c /mnt/cert-YYY.pem -u 123456789012 -r i386 -p rightscale_ami

and run it (using my correct variables, of course) I get: ERROR: You need to be root to run /vol/downloads/ec2-ami-tools-1.3-66634//lib/ec2/amitools/bundlevol.rb

I am not sure what the problem is. I tried changing the permissions around, but to no avail. I am running Ubuntu 11.04 Server on a large instance, have installed the ec2 AMI and ec2 API tools, added them to path and their respective environment variables, and have done sudo aptitude install ruby. Maybe I need something else with ruby? Please help! Thanks.

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I ended up installing the ami and api tools from the multiverse package within Ubuntu's apt manager. When I installed the tools this way, I could correctly do a sudo to run as root, whereas when I ran it originally it looked like the super user couldn't get access to my environment variables.

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