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It's the first time I am working with the location services and I am hitting this linker error:

Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "_OBJC_CLASS_$_CLLocationManager"

I had added #import <CoreLocation/CoreLocation.h> and added the following lines in the viewDidLoad

 CLLocationManager *manager = [[CLLocationManager alloc] init];
manager.delegate = self;
[manager startUpdatingLocation];
[UIApplication sharedApplication].networkActivityIndicatorVisible = YES;

if (![CLLocationManager locationServicesEnabled]){
    UIAlertView *servicesDisabledAlert = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Location Services Disabled" message:@"You currently have all location services for this device disabled. If you proceed, you will be asked to confirm whether location services should be reenabled." delegate:nil cancelButtonTitle:@"OK" otherButtonTitles:nil];
    [servicesDisabledAlert show];
    [servicesDisabledAlert release];
[manager release];                

enter image description here

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You might want to edit the question title to be more descriptive. – Shane Wealti Aug 8 '11 at 19:50
yes ! doing right away – Legolas Aug 8 '11 at 19:53
possible duplicate of How to resolve Undefined Symbols error? – Josh Caswell Aug 8 '11 at 19:57
@Josh Caswell: My bad :( – Legolas Aug 8 '11 at 20:00
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You need to add CoreLocation framework to your project.

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My bad..... .... – Legolas Aug 8 '11 at 19:57
We've all been there :) – Filip Radelic Aug 8 '11 at 20:11

Make sure the Core Location framework is linked to your project before building.

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Did you remember to add the framework to your project under the build phases? Here... How to "add existing frameworks" in Xcode 4?

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