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I have set up some divs for my layout, a main div and a menu div.

They look perfect in Firefox, but for some reason, Chrome and Safari get messed up.

For some reason the width of the div gets smaller when overflow:hidden; is added to the CSS. I need overflow:hidden; though, because I have other floats inside the main div. You can see the example here:

It shows up fine in Firefox, but in Safari and Chrome, there's a margin on the right side of the div as well.

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Removing the margin from main seems to fix it:

What I think it happening is that when overflow:hidden is set, the entire element wraps around the floats instead of the text within the div. So this gives the result in the fiddle. Then if you set a margin on it also, the width is decreased further by the left padding.

Kind of seems like a bug.

(Don't have FF right now to test it and see if it breaks it for FF.)

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So overflow:hidden basically makes a block element squeeze as wide as it can without overflowing to any floats on the same line? Your solution seems to be working.. it just seems so odd to have a div on the same line as a float without any margin – Rob Aug 8 '11 at 21:26
I don't think i realized that would do that, but it appears to be the case. – James Montagne Aug 8 '11 at 21:29

Move overflow:hidden to #wrapper. That fixes it, but doesn't explain why.

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I want to make sure my main div wraps around the floats inside it, though. That's why I put the overflow:hidden in there – Rob Aug 8 '11 at 21:19

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