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Is there any way to check spelling for ALL the words that I type in Textmate...

It's hard to believe but I actually use legit English words for ALL my variables and class names.. Thus unhighlighted typos are just killing me...

It would be nice if there was a way to check spelling for words with special characters (@uesr, crreunt_uesr - Ok, I may be exaggerating here, but..)

I am using Textmate for Rails if that matters.

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From the manual;

4.10 Spell Checking

TextMate supports the system wide 'Check Spelling as You Type'. This can be changed in the Edit → Spelling submenu.

You can bring up the context sensitive menu for a misspelled word to get spelling suggestions.

Since TextMate is intended for structured text it is possible to exclude parts of the document from being checked. This is done by creating a preferences item in the bundle editor, setting spellChecking to 0 and filling in the scope selector with the selector to target for no spell checking.

By default spell checking is disabled for source code except strings and comments and also for keywords, tags and similar in HTML, LaTeX, Markdown, etc.

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Yeah, I found out that's the only way, thanks for taking time to answer though.. –  Stpn Sep 30 '11 at 22:45

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