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I have a UL that I am using to horizontally display LIs

I would like to have every LI after the first one overlap the previous LI by 20 pixels. I tried applying left:-20px; to all LIs after the first one but this only appears to apply the desired formatting to one of the LIs.

You can see what I currently have here:


Any suggestions for getting the Third and Fourth LIs from my example moved over?

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You should use margin-left instead of left

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Instead of using left for your notFirst class, use margin:

margin: 0 0 0 -20px;
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You don't need relative positioning for this effect. You simply need a negative margin-left

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Give the UL position relative and all the LI position absolute and left:0 and top:0 This will overlap all the divs but not do the slider style thing you want. That being said, I don't think you can do anything meaningful without being able to dynamically change the z-index which means using JS in which case you can add additions margin-left:20 to each li to get the effect you want.

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left won't do anything as the list items are not positioned relative or absolute. Applying negative margin should do the trick:

.notFirst { margin-left:-20px; }
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There is a better way to solve this one, and you don't need to add any special class to do it.

In your UL style just use padding-left: 20px; and this will give you the extra space you need for the first LI when you margin-left: -20px; in your LI style

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