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I searching a way to get match count of nsstring objects for a long time. but I can't find. How to get match count of String_one and String_Two? I need your help..

NSString *String_one = @"A!B!C!D!E!F!G";
NSString *String_Two = @"BEF";

// matching progress
// :
// :

// and then result display
NSLog(@"matching count : %d",[??????]);

// result what i want.
// matching count : 3      (A!B!C!D!E!F!G vs BEF => 3 character matches)
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I'm not sure that I understand, tell me what must be return in this example: ABCDEF vs ACB. I don't know that you want only count how many character from first string appear in second string, or it must be subsequence –  nirmus Aug 8 '11 at 22:00

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If you want to find longest common subsequence here you have link:


But if you want count only how many how many character from first string appear in second string you can write algorithm by yourself. Example:

for ( each character in StringFirst ) {
    if( character appear in StringSecond ) 
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