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I am running a parfor loop in Matlab that takes a lot of time and I would like to know how many iterations are left. How can I get that info?

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You could create N empty text files called 'iter_1', 'iter_2' etc, and delete the corresponding file at the end of each parfor iteration. Then all you need to do is count the number of files in the directory. –  Jonas Aug 8 '11 at 22:22

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I don't believe you can get that information directly from MATLAB, short of printing something with each iteration and counting these lines by hand.

To see why, recall that each parfor iteration executes in its own workspace: while incrementing a counter within the loop is legal, accessing its "current" value is not (because this value does not really exist until completion of the loop). Furthermore, the parfor construct does not guarantee any particular execution order, so printing the iterator value isn't helpful.

cnt = 0;
parfor i=1:n
    cnt = cnt + 1; % legal
    disp(cnt); % illegal
    disp(i); % legal ofc. but out of order

Maybe someone does have a clever workaround, but I think that the independent nature of the parfor iterations belies taking a reliable count. The restrictions mentioned above, plus those on using evalin, etc. support this conclusion.

As @Jonas suggested, you could obtain the iteration count via side effects occurring outside of MATLAB, e.g. creating empty files in a certain directory and counting them. This you can do in MATLAB of course:

fid = fopen(['countingDir/f' num2str(i)],'w');
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Try this FEX file: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/32101-progress-monitor--progress-bar--that-works-with-parfor

You can easily modify it to return the iteration number instead of displaying a progress bar.

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If you just want to know how much time is left approximately, you can run the program once record the max time and then do this

tStart = tic;
parfor i=1:n
  tElapsed = toc(tStart;)
  disp(['Time left in min ~ ', num2str( ( tMax - tElapsed ) / 60 ) ]);
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Something like a progress bar could be done similar to this...

Before the parfor loop :

fprintf(['\n' repmat('.',1,m) '\n\n']);

And during the loop:


Here we have m is the total number of iterations, the . shows the total number of iterations and | shows the number of iterations completed. The \n makes sure the characters are printed in the parfor loop.

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