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I am wondering if there are any python packages out there for taking multiple graphs, saved in a png format, and editing their dimensions, and saving them in a new image? I want to have multiple graphs in a constant form, for when I have to manually add them to slides.

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The standard Python imaging library for edits like these is...

well, the Python Imaging Library!

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As another poster said, I'd recommend using the PIL. You could do something like this:

from PIL import Image

in_filename = 'sample.png'
out_filename = 'sample_small.png'
output_res = (320, 240)

im =
new_im = im.resize(output_res)

If you want to preserve the aspect ratio, you can use Image.thumbnail() instead of Image.resize(). (Note that Image.thumbnail() directly modifies the image instead of making a copy.)

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