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If I have a DOM element which is dynamically added to the page, and then removed using jQuery's $("#id").remove(), is it possible to setup a callback, so when the element is removed, I can execute a custom action.

I was thinking of monkey-patching jQuery's remove() method, so I can check the element's ID and if it matches the one I want, execute the callback, but I'm not sure how.

Are there any better ways to do it? And how can I do it using monkey-patching?

(I'm writing a greasemonkey script, and I can't change the underlying implementation)

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You can listen to DOMNodeRemoved event and then filter by your required element.

$( "body" ).bind("DOMNodeRemoved", function(e){

  if(e.target.id == "id") {
     // do something

As usual, there is a IE only caveat, so check out this post: http://www.bennadel.com/blog/1623-Ask-Ben-Detecting-When-DOM-Elements-Have-Been-Removed-With-jQuery.htm

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