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I have a custom function in oracle returning a number after deleting records. I could get a value in sql_plus such as

call my_function(4) into :out_number;

where out_number is a variable defined as number.

I could verify out_number has a value when I do "PRINT OUT_NUMBER."

My question is how to call this function from JPA.

I've tried like

Query query = em.createNativeQuery("{call my_function(?)}");
query.serParameter(1, 4);
return query.executeUpdate();

and got an error basically my_function is not defined. How can I get a return value as in CALL...INTO on SQL_PLUS?

If this method is not desirable, can someone please recommend any suggestion? JPA is the only option for me at this moment. I could create a stored procedure but I'm not sure if I can get a return value from it since OUT parameters are not supported.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Tulskiy, I can't use 'select ... from dual' because my_function performs delete statements (DML). I have tried to use BEGIN my_function(?); END; but, I have no luck to get a return value. –  James Shin Aug 9 '11 at 13:10

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I used this to execute native functions in oracle:

Query query = em.createNativeQuery("select my_function(:param) from dual");
query.setParameter("param", 4);
return query.getSingleResult();
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If you are using EclipseLink you can use a StoredFunctionCall object to call a stored function such as this.

You could also define it as a named query using the @NamedStoredFunctionQuery.

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It's a quite old question but I have not found here the proper solution... Here is a code that works in my project:

    EntityManager em;
    String functionName = "NameOfStoredFunction";
    Map<String, Object> arguments = new LinkedHashMap();
    arguments.put("nameOfArgument", "value");
    StoredFunctionCall functionCall = new StoredFunctionCall();
    functionCall.setResult("RESULT", String.class);

    for(String key : arguments.keySet()){
        functionCall.addNamedArgumentValue(key, arguments.get(key));

    ValueReadQuery valQuery = new ValueReadQuery();

    Query query = ((JpaEntityManager)em.getDelegate()).createQuery(valQuery);

    String call_result = (String)query.getSingleResult();
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Above code works for functions that modify data in database (use DML statements). –  Artur P Dec 12 '12 at 11:09

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