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Are there alternatives to Quotesdaddy.com/api ? It seems to be the only API for quotations available on the internet that I can find. Google searches have not helped as I'm swamped with APIs for stock market quotes.

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Below are listed some APIs which I have found. I've mentioned some brief details on each. If you need an API for commercial applications, you may want to read deeper into the terms of use of the API and/ or contact the API provider.

  • They Said So. 5 free API calls/day. Anything more and you have to pay. See link for different API plans and cost for additional API calls. Sign up required.
  • I Heart Quotes. Limited range of topics/ sources of quotes; from geek, general, pop, religious and scifi. No query limit is suggested. No sign up.
  • Quotes. This is free to use for up to 1,000 queries per day. Need to contact the company about premium commercial license details if that is your requirement. Sign up required.
  • Wikiquote, which can be accessed using the MediaWiki api. It's free (Creative Commons License). Large library of quotes, but API will not allow you to "extract" them easily. You will need a parser to "extract" these properly - may be difficult to make or find something dependable. No sign up required.
  • Quotes Daddy. Appears to be free to use with no query limit, but sign up is required .

Additionally, if you are focusing on a small project for personal use and decide to ignore the terms of use, an excellent source for quotes is goodreads. The community appears active and the quotes are well tagged.

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I Heart Quotes no longer seems to be be available. There also doesn't appear to be an obvious way of applying for an API key with Quotes Daddy (api may be out of date?). –  Akyidrian Jul 10 at 11:25

2+ years after the fact, but here you go: http://iheartquotes.com/api

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it looks good as an API, but the subject matter is a bit narrow. One advantage to the other one is a very diverse group of authors. –  Hayk Saakian Jan 16 '14 at 1:28
Yes, I'm doing some testing with the iheartquotes one because of it's simplicity, but this one looked a little more robust: quotesdaddy.com/api –  eflat Jan 16 '14 at 17:37

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