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I have a scrollable div that contains a table with many rows (100+).

I would like to be able to show the table row that contains the data I'm looking for via a jQuery filter.

I know the table row id. How do I move the div down to the correct row?

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It's part of the CSSOM View Module, it may not be supported in all browsers, but probably all you care about though.

Ooops missed the row in row id. If you have a reference to the table, then:

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this is very close to working for me (1st example). I'm getting a little wierdness in the fact that it jumps my screen up some and the highlighted row is actually 1 under the top of the div now (so now in order to see it I have to scroll up). Any ideas on how to make these minor adjustments? – webdad3 Aug 8 '11 at 23:09
I changed scrollIntoView(true) to scrollIntoView(false) and everything works a lot better! Thanks – webdad3 Aug 8 '11 at 23:14

Try this:

$('html, body').scrollTop($('#rowId').offset().top);

If you want litte animation:

$('html, body').animate({
     scrollTop: $("#rowId").offset().top
}, 2000);    // 2000 is the duration of animation in milliseconds
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