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I would like to get a list of files off of a server with the full url in tact. For example, I would like to get all the TIFFs from here.*

I can download all the .tif files with wget but I am looking for is just the full url to each file like this.

Any thoughts on how to get all these files in to a list using something like curl or wget?


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You'd need the server to be willing to give you a page with a listing on it. This would normally be an index.html or just ask for the directory.

It looks like you're in luck in this case so, at risk of upsetting the web master, the solution would be to use wget's recursive option. Specify a maximum recursion of 1 to keep it constrained to that single directory.

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But that will download the files...I just want a url reference to them in a list. Thoughts on that? – aeupinhere Aug 8 '11 at 23:17
I misread. Easiest way would be to parse the result from wget. Wget seems to have all you need, such as filtering on TIFF, apart from not actually getting the files. What tools/platform do you have? For that particular site PERL or SED could be used to pull out the tifs, looking for the pattern href="(.*\.tif)" where () are grouping operators to select the result you want. – Richard Corfield Aug 9 '11 at 13:01

If you wget, the HTML that is returned contains the list of files. If you don't need this to be general, you could use regexes to extract the links. If you need something more robust, you can use an HTML parser (e.g. BeautifulSoup), and programmatically extract the links on the page (from the actual HTML structure).

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I would use lynx shell web browser to get the list of links + grep and awk shell tools to filter the results, like this:

lynx -dump -listonly <URL> | grep http | grep <regexp> | awk '{print $2}'


  • URL - is the start URL, in your case:
  • regexp - is the regular expression that selects only files that interest you, in your case: \.tif$

Complete example commandline to get links to TIF files on this SO page:

lynx -dump -listonly | grep http | grep \.tif$ | awk '{print $2}' returns:
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