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What's the way to indicate white spacess in perl ? How can i delete starting spaces using perl regular expressions?

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my $foo = " \t\n\r  hello, world!";
$foo =~ s/^\s+//;    # This is the line that removes the leading whitespace.
print "$foo\n";
print ord($foo) . "\n";

Will display:

hello, world!

104 is the ASCII character code for h, proving that the string has no leading whitespace.

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This searches for repeated whitespaces (\s+) at the beginning of the string (^), substituting with nothing (i.e. what is between the delimiters here: //):

$myString =~ s/^\s+//;
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$temp = "   Hello world";
#print $temp;
$temp =~ s/^\s+//;
print $temp;
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