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Two models: Review and User.

Review has three relevant fields: user_id, reviewable_type, and reviewable_id. So, the associations look something like this:

User has_many :reviews
User has_many :reviews, :as => :reviewable

Review belongs_to :user
Review belongs_to :reviewable

How can I find the right 'set' of reviews from the User model? vs...?

As a general case, how do we set up two models so multiple associations between them stay separate, and so the parent model can access each set of children independently?

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do you mean vs @user.reviewable ?

I am not that familiar with rails 3.0, but in rails 2.x you could do

   User has_many :review_something1, :class_name => "Review", :where => ...
   User has_many :review_something2, :class_name => "Review", :where => ...
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