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i've had some strange errors when trying to install django standalone, so i have used the whole bundle option, linked from documentation. Bitnami. It installed python, django, apache, sqlite.... I use Windows XP btw.

And i've went first run on python and django by the tutorial. Unfortunatly i have stopped at part 2 when i should login to admin panel, and can't solve problem with css and js files. They just don't load, do a 404 and i see admin panel in a pure html layout (scary).

So how could i fix this? My settings.py and urls.py are all default, except i turned on all those apps that tutorial said to and admin url.

I see that the css and js files lies in their folders under this path:

C:\Program Files\BitNami DjangoStack\apps\django\django\contrib\admin \media

While my app(models, views,tests) is here:

C:\Documents and Settings\Luka\BitNami DjangoStack projects\djangoTut \polls

and settings.py is one folder up

How should i configure and what to make those damn css load?

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Well, simply put, read here: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/howto/deployment/modwsgi/#serving-files

You have to(see doc):

Create a symbolic link to the admin static files from within your document root. Or, copy the admin static files so that they live within your Apache document root.

and fiddle your apache/nginx configuration a bit!

To give you an example with my config, but btw, I'm not using django 1.3 ... so no django.contrib.staticfiles. But the differences aren't that big:


<Directory "D:/projects/my_project/src">
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all

WSGIScriptAlias /my_project D:/projects/my_project/src/django.wsgi

Alias /media/ "D:/projects/my_project/media/"
Alias /static-media/ "D:/projects/my_project/media-static/"

<DirectoryMatch "D:/projects/my_project/media/">
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all


MEDIA_ROOT = 'D:/projects/my_project/media/'
STATIC_MEDIA_URL = '/static-media/'
MEDIA_URL = '/media/'
ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX = '/static-media/admin/'

Now you either copy the admin static files to the defined static-media location, or you symlink it! How to create symbolic links in Windows?, but you probably end up copying!

Usefull link, if you enjoy reading:

  1. http://www.muhuk.com/2009/05/serving-static-media-in-django-development-server/
  2. https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/howto/static-files/
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Also, instead of creating symbolic links you can point the Alias in the apache configuration file directly to the django files:

Alias /static-media/ "C:\Program Files\BitNami DjangoStack\apps\django\django\contrib\admin \media"

If you installed the latest version of BitNami Django Stack (I'm a BitNami developer and we recently released a fix for something related to this), and you selected to create a default project you can take a look at the .wsgi file for that project.

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