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We have a requirement to compare the execution time stamp of each nunit test with our product's log file. I played with adding a log4net configuration settings section to the nunit-console.exe.xml file, but it didn't seem to use it for logging. I googled and read in nunit release notes that nunit stopped using log4net for internal logging. My question now is: Is there a way to enable detailed nunit test execution logging with time stamps?

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  1. Latest Stable release - 2.5.10
  2. Under development version - 2.6

For both documantation saying:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <sectionGroup name="NUnit">
      <section name="TestRunner"

      <add key="ApartmentState" value="MTA" />
      <add key="ThreadPriority" value="Normal" />
      <add key="DefaultLogThreshold" value="Error" />




Sets the level for logging captured by NUnit. In the current version only log4net logging is captured, so the level must be one that is defined by log4net.

So I believe log4net logging should work fine.

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