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How do I make members readonly when I use Add-Member cmdlet in Powershell?

Basically, I want to add-member to a System.Diagnostic.Process which has a readonly property.

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Like so:

 $p = new-object System.Diagnostics.Process
 $p | Add-member -Name thisisreadonly -membertype scriptproperty -value { 6}
 $p.thisisreadonly #gives 6
 $p.thisisreadonly = 5 #error- Set accessor for property "thisisreadonly" is unavailable.

So basically you create a ScriptProperty, with a getter but no setter.

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It's worth mentioning that the -secondvalue parameter of add-member is used to provide the "setter". – Mike Shepard Aug 9 '11 at 3:27
Also worth mentioning the -MemberType is ScriptProperty not -ScriptMethod, an oversight that lost at least one skimmer of this answer for a few too many minutes. – ruffin Jan 6 at 19:39

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