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I am relatively new to rails and am trying to figure this out the right syntax for the following

I have a model Transactions with the method

 def self.add_external_transaction_for information

declared in transaction.rb

What I am trying to do is call add_external_transaction_for from a different controller named DepositsController for the Deposit model like this in deposits_controller.rb


however i see the following error

undefined method `add_external_transaction_for' for ActiveRecord::Transactions:Module

Can someone please help me. I need to be able to have a method that is associated with the Transaction model that is accessed from a controller without me having to create a new instance of Transaction just to access that method

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If your transaction model starts like this:

class Transaction < ActiveRecord::Base

Then Transaction.add_external_transaction_for(@deposit) should work fine, it shouldn't need to be scoped to the ActiveRecord module. Also, you might be seeing a naming conflict with the ActiveRecord::Transactions module.

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Gotcha! Thankyou –  alik Aug 9 '11 at 4:40

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