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I am writing a loop that is building a table. With a mysql_num_row, I get how many persons (18), and I want tables with 6 persons max (so: $Peoples = (mysql_num_row($SQL_statement) /6;).

In the loop, I increment $Count: $Count = $Count + 1;

When I write:

} while($Count == $Peoples);

The condition is not working: after 1 loop it exits from the loop. I printed $Count wich is 1, and $Peoples is 3.

Is there something to do with this? Thanks!

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Do you mean to use

} while($Count != $Peoples);

(note the inequality check).

The condition is not working: after 1 loop it exits from the loop. I printed $Count wich is 1, and $Peoples is 3.

== is the equality operator - it checks if both sides are equal.

Your PHP code is operating correctly - you are telling the code to exit when count is different to people. $Count wich is 1, and $Peoples is 3. meets that criteria. The code I've posted above will continue looping while count is not equal to people.

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because 1 != 3. You need while($count != $Peoples)

Or better yet, while($count < $peoples)

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Maybe you want do { [code] } while($Count < $Peoples) or do { [code] } while($Count != $Peoples). What your program is doing right now is adding 1 to $Count and then checking the loop condition. Since $Count != $Peoples, the loop exits.

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== is the equals comparison operator. Your count will never initially equal the number of people, so your loop doesn't loop (do-while loops always execute the initial code in the do section, regardless of whether or not the loop condition is met).

What you likely need is to use the < operator, as you're incrementing your count over the life of the loop.

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