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I'm using vim to write my jQuery code. Is there a plugin that I can use to autocomplete parts of the code?


i fond this Snippet for jquery javascript-jquery Snippet

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Not sure why the down votes. This seems like a reasonable question to me. Perhaps it could be worded better, but what is being asked seems clear to me. Is there a plugin for the vim editor that will allow standard code completion commands to work with common Javascript keywords/jQuery functions? –  Michael Mior Aug 9 '11 at 2:42

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Javascript is supported as part of vim's omni-completion languages. You can activate this completion via Ctrl-x + Ctrl-o when working inside a javascript buffer. For more info, type :help new-omni-completion in the status bar.

I don't know of a plugin that specifically handles jQuery, but there are a few that trigger omni-completion as you type so it feels fairly native. Hope this helps.

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You could have a look at Snipmate. I recommend you to use this version instead of the one from vim.org which is no longer maintained (pay attention to the readme since this plugin requires some other). Then you should try something like this google search.

If you don't find snippet that fit your need, then you could consider creating your own snippet file while coding. The syntax is very simple and powerful!

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