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I am relatively new to the rails syntax. I have a LogString class

class LogString < Array

I do the following with it

logs = LogString.new
logs.push 'this happened'
logs.push 'that happened'

which works fine. i want to be able to just write only


to return what would be logs.join( ' | ' )

so i am looking for a syntax something like the method log_string here

class LogString < Array
   def log_string
      self.join( ' | ' )

but where log_string is automatically called when i simply write the class instance name: logs

how can i do that?

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You can't just reference an object and have it call a method on the object, but you can get pretty close.

If you override the to_s method (short for "to string"), you'll be able to do something like...

class LogString < Array
  def to_s
     self.join ' | '

log = LogString.new
log << "message one"
log << "message two"

puts "#{log}"
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Add this:

  def to_s
    join '|'

This will work in templates and some I/O ops where #to_s is called. It won't work in irb unless you also modify #inspect. (You could just have it call your new #to_s.)

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