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I'm trying to make the simplest extjs4/sencha application as possible and I'm finding that when I use ext-dev.js (as recommended by Sencha), I get 404 errors on files like:


When I switch back to ext-debug-all.js, the app works but errors that should be thrown are not being thrown.

My App.js is very simple. it looks like this (and I load stuff in the /app directory)

Ext.Loader.setConfig({ enabled: true });

  name: 'EvMgr',
  autoCreateViewport: true,
  launch: function () {


  controllers: [
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ext-dev.js only includes a rudimentary set of Ext core classes and depends on dynamic loading via Ext.Loader to fetch additional classes. Each class is a Javascript file located in cascaded directories matching its package hierarchy.

By default Ext.Loader will look for additional Ext classes in the src directory relative to the directory of your html file. Hence the 404 for src/container/Viewport.js and src/app/Application.js.

Point Ext.Loader to the location of your Ext source files, e.g.:

Ext.Loader.setPath('Ext', '../ext-4.0.2a/src');

Your custom classes will be picked up from the app directory by default, but this can be changed to your likings:

Ext.Loader.setPath('EvMgr', 'evmgr');

Btw, when using ext-dev.js there should be no need to enable Ext.Loader or require a standard Ext class like Ext.container.Viewport as you do in the first two lines of your code.

When using ext-all-debug.js you'll have to explictely enable Ext.Loader to allow dymanic loading of your custom class files. There is no need to set the path for Ext classes though - they are all included in ext-all-debug.js anyway.

Note: another common pitfall is that with autoCreateViewport: true Ext will try to load the class file for EvMgr.view.Viewport. This should be a class extending Ext.container.Viewport.

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You should specify your extjs src folder like this:

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