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I have a bindingsource which is bounded by an IQueryable result of LINQ to SQL.

private void loadProducts(short _engineID)
     dbLinqDataContext db = new dbLinqDataContext();                   
     var  productQuery = from pe in db.productEngines
                         where pe.EngineID == _engineID
                         select new
                           ProductID = pe.ProductID,
                           ProductNumber = pe.product.ProductNumber,
                           Description = pe.product.ProductName,
                           Cost = String.Format("{0:C}", pe.product.StandardCost),
                           Price = String.Format("{0:C}", pe.product.ListPrice),
                           QOH = String.Format("{0:0.00}",pe.product.QOH),
                           Picture = pe.product.Picture,
                           Category =pe.product.category.Category1,   


productQueryBindingSource.DataSource = productQuery; }

Then i am unable to convert my bindingsource current item to DataViewRow.

DataRow currentRow = ((DataRowView)productQueryBindingSource.Current).Row;

How can I cast my Anonymous Type to DataViewRow type?

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to convert the Anonymous to DataRow, should use the reflection. For more info check the below link

Converting Custom Collections To and From DataTable

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Thanks for your answer. –  sovantha Aug 9 '11 at 8:13

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