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Is it possible to render correct bar-codes in HTML using the Code 128 font? The main content of the bar-code is fine in the broswer (firefox) but when I try to add the start code character I just get this character in the browser:


This is ASCII code 209. I'm wondering if it even has a bar representation. I'm using MVC but this is really just a HTML/CSS problem I think.


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Are you sure that the client is going to have barcode font installed?

Server side image generation seems to be a better solution.

You may want to try Barcode.dll for barcode rendering.

It includes ASP.NET barcode control - just drag & drop.

Please note that this is a commercial product I developed.

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This isn't quite what you asked for, but you can make barcodes using CSS: see http://unixshell.jcomeau.com/src/barcodes/memberships.html. I'm using code39 for this, but most other linear codes can be done the same way.

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